Last 20 accounts available!

Last 20 accounts available for the beta now!

31st Oct 2020
None Real Emails

Please note we have had quite a few signups with fake emails. Please note these accounts will be terminated, As fake emails will make any emails we send out bounce and blacklist our email domain. If you have used a fake email please make sure its updated before tomorrow 28/10/2020 to avoid any issues.

27th Oct 2020
SSL Now enabled!

We have now updated our Android VPN App to use SSL and we have now enabled SSL system-wide on our websites.

26th Oct 2020

Please note we have pushed a small update to our system to stop Ghost accounts staying connected.

This should now be resolved now and all user devices will now be back at 1/5 or 2/5 depending on how many you are using.

26th Oct 2020
Updates Monday 26/10/2020

Monday 26/10/2020 There will be a short downtime while we update our websites and apps to enable SSL to enable better encryption and security. Because we only expected to beta test with around 20/30 customers we didn't think testing without would be a problem. However, we have more than 1500 customers currently running our Beta trial so we have ... Read More »

23rd Oct 2020
Load Balancing

We have now added load balancing for Germany to continue our testing. Now when picking Germany if the server is full or near its limit it will forward you to the next server!

22nd Oct 2020
Small outages!

Please note there maybe some small outages today while we move some servers about.

If you are using a mini router and not one of our apps you may need to re download your certificate file.

22nd Oct 2020
New London Server Been Added

We know how much you are all loving our VPN network and our UK servers are really running a lot of traffic so we have added in a new London server !

21st Oct 2020
Manual review!

Please note we are now manually reviewing all beta tests due to a increase in demand! Please allow a short while for your account to be setup!


Please remember only 1 trial / beta test per customer and household as you can protect up to 5 devices!

21st Oct 2020
Beta Signups!

WOW, we thank everyone for joining in our beta test on our network! WE now have over 1000 beta testers now testing our network! please remember to report any faults to the ticketing system! We will launch our brand new website at the end of the month while we continue to provide you with the best privacy available! Unlocking websites has never ... Read More »

20th Oct 2020